Microsoft Exchange Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Microsoft Exchange Login:

Logging on to Microsoft Exchange:

1. The first step to your login attempt is to first visit the right site. visit this website to log in to your microsoft office online account.
2. Once here, start out by going to the right side of the screen and entering your email address into the top text box.
3. The next step is to type your password into the box directly below the email address box. Be sure you type your pwassword and email address in carefully, or you might have to go back and repeat this process. Once you have both boxes carefully filled in, you can move on to the next step.
4. Now you can move your mouse over to the blue button that says "sign in." You could either do this, or press enter right after filling in the necessary information. If you would like, you can check the small box under the two text boxes that keeps you signed in. You should not do this if you are using a public computer, or another person's computer. If you do, other people might be able to access your information and important emails.


Resetting your Login:

1. If you have trouble logging in, especially if you have forgotten your password, you should also visit the sign in page linked in step one above.
2. On this page, you need to navigate down to the small blue text link that says "can't access your account?" Click on this link to get started on the reset process.
3. This page will take you to a relatively empty page, unlike the sign in page. There are two places where you need to enter in information, but start with the top one. Type in your "user ID" which will be your email address.
4. After this is done, you need to move on to proving that you are human. Because some people try to use computer programs to hack into accounts, microsoft protects your account with a "capcha." Follow the instructions written near the strangely designed text in the middle box. This will involve typing the letters and or numbers that appear in the text box on the bottom. If you can't read it, you can either press the button that looks like a small sound speaker, and hear what you have to type, or press the button with the two joining arrows to get a different capcha image.
5. When you are done, press the next button. You may need to repeat this process despite your best efforts, the capcha system is a bit hard to deal with. Follow the instructions given to you regarding resetting your login after you have moved on from this page.

Microsoft Contact Information:

1. To start a chat with a representative, follow this link:
2. Mail a Letter: One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
3. Email Microsoft Support:;en;1539